Two faces of Times of India, The Raahgiri Day Duplicity

Two faces of Times of India, The Raahgiri Day Duplicity

It is said that good begets good, ethics begets ethics. On the one hand when Delhi’s Air Pollution is rising high and higher every other day, the other hand is TOI media, whose one face is portraying regular activities on Raahgiri day and such minute sensitivities for the issue for past 1 year and its other face giving ten times ads of Cars every-day and running car-selling episodes for making money.

Cars companies have realized that you have a mindset customer in Delhi who will buy a car to show off and then these companies have this TOI type paid media for creating pollution in Delhi. Who will question these thousands crores revenue making car companies? Of-course not the greedy people. Can Minister? Can Media? It is only conscientiousness that can question.

Well you can be either ethical or duplicate. Have TOI been ethical, they could have chosen to run a Raahgiri Day episode in TIMES NOW that would guide city people to avoid usage and purchase of so many Cars at first place. They won’t focus on how much crowd they gather. Whereas we see TIMES NOW runs an episode to motivate and buy new cars and models. TOI could have chosen to follow the loyal path of Raahgiri day with honesty and an actual concern for health-cause, without missing this aspect, and not for using its newspaper space to winning hollow popular awards. Shame!

Duplicity of passionate professional media is that they think they can play both sides and also that they can question anyone without seeing mirror. But truth is that they are part of same greedy society but wearing fear-less masks of ethics. Just see, where are your those guts now that you are proud of?

Pollution Facts – Even the most posh areas of Delhi are not safe from Air pollution. You are not even safe while you are in home. US Embassy has warned of Delhi Air pollution rise. It is better we all start caring for ourselves before our loved ones get sick. We should also stop buying new cars both out of traffic and out of pollution. Some links are –

Thank you for Making Cloth Donation Movement a Generous one

Thank you for Making Cloth Donation Movement a Generous one

Cloth Donation Movement – Huge contributions for ‘Share to Care‘ cause from students, corporate, mentors, friends.

Donations included Blankets, Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Stationary etc. They are being distributed across Delhi-NCR city and for Kashmir causes by Guitarmonk Social.

If you have a real needy to help, let us know and will forward a helping hand.

You can also approach us in this regard by directly fill the contact us form.

Rising Cancer in Greater Noida Villages

Rising Cancer in Greater Noida Villages

Cancer is looming large in 5 of Greater Noida villages. Media has been covering the story for last few months on same.

It is unfortunate that while authorities didn’t find any irregularities in water, cases of cancer continue to mount here claiming the lives of young and old men, women and children.

The villagers think that it is due to rise in factories around whereas the authorities are evaluating the exact reasons. The extremity of situation can be comprehended that there are people from same family suffered from Chest Tumor, Throat cancer. And there are cancer of many types.

Here are some reference links and reports from media –


Usha Narang on Winning her Battle against Lung Cancer

Usha Narang on Winning her Battle against Lung Cancer

Usha Narang is a housewife in her mid-50’s who is a lung cancer survivor. She has been cancer-free for the last 4 years and still counting. Apart from medical interventions she went through, she discovered that some herbal supplements can also work wonders  as relief from chemotherapy side effects and also to boost her immune system, along with observing a  healthier and stress-free lifestyle.

According to Usha Narang, back in the last quarter of 2010 when a small lump was found in her lungs but she thought it was just benign and simple medications would suffice as it also seemed to decrease in size and eventually disappear for some time. But 2 months later, it came back and the doctor again run various tests and she was given confounding results.

Her mother, aunt and sister were all diagnosed with cancer and for that she didn’t want to take chances and so she decided to get checked at Manipal Hospital where she was admitted the nest day. The doctor told her that the lump must be removed along with some lymph nodes to prevent the spread of cancer cells. The removal of the lump and some lymph nodes also revealed that she was positive for stage 3 lung cancer and so another surgery was scheduled to remove all affected lymph nodes. After that, she had to take six chemo sessions and six weeks of radiations and numerous injections for a year, from November 2010 to November 2011.

A friend of Usha Narang’s brother shared to her some info about an herb that may possibly help recover her health, though she was advised that it was meant only as a supplement and not as a substitute for more sophisticated treatments required for such illness.

Usha Narang and her family then got in touched with  two retired professors Dr. Shyamasundar Joshi and Dr. Shanta Josh who have been actively cultivating the trees and conducting researches on the medicinal benefits of the Lakshmi Taru or Simarouba glauca, which is also known worldwide as the Paradise Tree.

She decided to give it a shot while she was also undergoing chemotherapy. She observed that when she was taking the simarouba herbal concoction, she didn’t feel so weak after chemo and her appetite also improved. She continued taking it also to maintain her hemoglobin level. She feels that the supplement somehow helped minimize the adverse affects of chemo and radiation therapy like hair loss or feeling of energy loss. She has been taking simarouba religiously for 4 years now and she’s glad that it has helped her immensely. Now, even after going for her chemo session in the morning, she can go back to her home or shop and continue with her daily routine. She also shared her experience and positive results with simarouba to her friends and other cancer patients. And hope that they too will reap the same healing benefits from the simarouba. She actually couldn’t think of any one who complained or had negative experience with it after she referred them to use it, so she’s somehow happy with the feedbacks from other people she knows and who has also tried it. She told them as advised, patients with serious illnesses must take it continuously, in her own experience, she sees no big deal in taking simarouba for lifetime, but for those who want to use it as preventive measure or as a health booster and if they have no serious condition, they may just have to take it for 15 consecutive days and have a gap of 3-6 months before they take it again.

Usha Narang also shared that those who are battling cancer or any form of disease must always keep a positive attitude. And in her case, she kept that 100% faith that the Lord and the treatments will help and cure her. As Usha said, “Just always be happy. It’s not the end of the world for those who have cancer. People die of heart attacks and etc. but there’s still hope for those suffering from cancer.”

Kids playing guitar this Children’s day

Kids playing guitar this Children's dayChildren’s Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world, to honor children globally. In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November and has been named after the JawaharLal Nehru Birthday also known as Chacha Nehru day.

Guitarmonk Social has brought out a unique way to celebrate children’s day this year by going to various schools, social organizations and singing children’s day song with them on guitar.

Not just the kids but the teachers also participated in this moment by singing along with the kids.  We further took this children’s day musical drive to some underpriviledged kids and we got extremely glad to notice that some of the kids also came out with their innate musical talent surprising and reminding all of us with the statement that nothing can be more precious than the talent of a person.

We thank guitarmonk guitarists who played a prominent role in making this children’t day musical drive succesful.

Cartons distribution across Delhi-NCR for Cloth Donation by Guitarmonk Social

While most of us have closets that are full, crammed and cluttered and we can’t even choose which outfit to don for the day because there’s simply too many to choose from or it doesn’t suit our mood. There are actually people who have no choice but to wear the same clothes each and everyday because they simply don’t have any option.

And then there are people who have lost their homes, their source of livelihood, their personal belongings, and their loved ones.

This is indeed such a minor and simple step but it can somehow start anew with a daily change in clothing, especially for those who have lost almost everything. This can be something to look forward to and bring in hope for a better tomorrow. And it can even help them regain their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Cartons distribution across Delhi-NCR for Cloth Donation by Guitarmonk Social

Cloth Donation Guitarmonk Social Delhi

Donating is not just about giving money but it’s beyond that. There can be too many ways to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate.  How about de-cluttering your closet by simply giving away or donating a shirt or a pair of trousers for each new item you buy. Your disregarded garment can actually be a treasure to someone else.

How it would be to live in a society, street and neighbourhood where there are poor people who are not privileged enough to wear new colors?

It can’t be a beautiful view where there are some who have lost everything they had in natural calamity.

Come and join our movements at Guitarmonk Social and let’s hold hand and be proactive in making this world a caring, better and more beautiful place for each other.

Cloth Donation is a regular activity of Guitarmonk Social, takes place at diversified locations of Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and all zones of Delhi and NCR. It is a part of ‘Share to Care’ movement by Guitarmonk Social.

On Parkinson Syndrome, Old Age, Disability etc – A reflection

On Parkinson Syndrome, Old Age, Disability etc – A reflectionDuring a stop at a restaurant for lunch, I noticed a frail looking old man who asked if he could share a seat with us while we were also waiting for our order. He was shaking uncontrollably and was using a 4-leg walker as he seems to walk inch by inch. Parkinson’s Syndrome has caused some of his muscles to be rigid and  also causing some tremors that affected his speech and gate.  Someone then came to give him his pouch. We were so surprised when the old man opened his bag and handed over a new Rs 50 note to the helper and struggled to zip his opened bag.

The man wanted to order some chicken but he was in great difficulty even saying the word “chicken,” until the waiter decided to tell him what’s on the menu and ask him questions that can be answered by a simple yes/no. As soon as his order, consists of chicken and bread arrived, he was eager to start his meal. But he couldn’t even put his spoon close to his mouth without spilling his food. He obviously was struggling to eat. He was like a 1 year old child with food on his face and food bits scattered on his lap and on the table.

I remained seated and continued to watch him with the corner of my eye so as not to offend him. He was gesturing something and seemed to want some more bread but couldn’t voice it out. He tried a number of times but to no avail as nobody could hear him nor pay attention to him. I decided to call the waiter to bring him another bread. I felt bad for him because he was a big man, with a large frame physique but very helpless.

His presence stirred a lot of questions in my head. Why would a vulnerable, frail old man be moving alone and why isn’t there any family member to assist him at such age? Where and who are his family members? Why is he carrying such bulk of money by himself? And with such condition as his, he can easily be robbed or tricked by some people.

I just assumed that perhaps he left his house alone because he was bored, angry or just want to unwind and go places. Or could it be he no longer have any family member who would like to look after him, or maybe he doesn’t want to be taken cared of and still want to prove that he isn’t a burden to anyone who might be looking after him and try his best to do things on his own.

I had so many assumptions in mind. But, I was really bothered by the fact that he was so fragile, so vulnerable and him being exposed to the elements and to the busy streets and harsh society, he might meet some kind of accident as his senses are also no longer that sharp and alert.

This encounter made me reflect a lot on our daily lives, our associations, our connectedness as a family, as friends, as neighbours, as acquaintances, or as a community. How many old, disabled or disadvantaged people like him are roaming the streets on their own? I couldn’t and I wouldn’t want to even imagine!


I must admit that we were actually taken aback and was confused on how to approach or how we can be of help to him. Even before we logically decided or thought of an idea to be of assistance to him, his pitiable condition have already affected our emotions and we ended up sympathizing instead of showing empathy. We got caught in our own emotions, our own fears, our insecurities and self-made perceptions.

I noted some ideas on how to be of help to persons with disability and here’s what I have finally concluded:

  1. We can call a particular helpline that can send assistance and professional help to such cases (some of them are mentioned below).
  2. We can take his photo and share to the local authorities and inform them that he needs help or assistance so as not to be a target of criminals, thieves, etc. Just to ensure his safety and security.
  3. We can also try to talk to him. But we must be careful not to show pity or say something that may compromise both our security and safety.
  4. We can ask for his next of kin, who may then collect him and look after him.
  5. We can contact an organization or government agency for senior citizens, or for the disabled to help that person and also orient his family about his condition and the proper way of ensuring his health, safety and security.

No senior citizen or person with disability should be experiencing that same fate as the old man we met at the restaurant. We should continue to look after our family members not only while they can provide us with our needs but we should actually show them more respect, love and care in their old age or when they are no longer physically strong or able.

The fact that I simply observed the old man, despite his struggles and hardships while trying to move around and eat his meal. I actually feel guilty and upset at the same time. I was guilty due to the fact I really wanted to help or assist him, and yet I restrained myself to do so. Thinking that I might offend him by offering assistance when in fact he was trying to be independent. And I was also upset because other people who saw him didn’t even bother to ask if he was okay or if he needs help. And most of all, he shouldn’t be on his own afterall!

This experience is indeed an eye opener. What kind of society do we have now? What kind of community do we belong? Have we become selfish or insensitive? So many questions may remain unanswered but I am sharing this to you now, so you can also ponder and do something better next time.

Story/Experience shared by Mr Kapil Srivastava

We found following helplines numbers/address in Google but when we called them, our team received rude response (we will share their responses in separate blog and also notify them to medical authorities). We don’t advocate or have experience of anyone personally but here are they:

  1. The Neuroscience Center – All India Institute of Medical Science, Aurobindo Marg, In front of Safdarjung hospital at the crossing of Ring Road and Aurobindo Marg. Ansari Nagar, Delhi. Tel: +91-11-26588500. Website:
  2. Parkinson‘s Disease & Movement Disorder Society – 6, Jasville, 1st Floor, Opp. Liberty Cinema, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400020, Maharashtra. Phone: 22007667/9967774944. Email:
  3. Medanta-The Medicity – Sector – 38, Gurgaon, Haryana 122 001, India. Tel :0124-4855055.