Women’s Day

womens-day-imagewomen's day celebration 2011

The objective of women’s day is to inspire our world with the women power and create a more loving, celebrating and women’s first culture.

On the occasion of Women’s day, we always choose and greet the leading ones who have either influenced or hold the potential to influence the world around. Women’s day is an opportunity to push, motivate and inspire the vibrant energies and make them feel special. It’s also the day to honor the women leaders of your organizations and share their stories to all.

How can you honor a woman?

For Organizations – HR Leaders can select or refer/vote list of their chosen women’s employees who

  • Brought a unique development in organization
  • Inspired the surroundings with their vibrant stories, presence and wisdom
  • Has been an asset to the organization in any way
  • Played a vital role in cultural, motivational, recreational, life-style etc areas
  • A good writer, contributor in any form

Others – Write to us if you want to refer any story/inspiration that can be shared with all.

Year 2014 has been the 5th year of women’s day celebration by Guitarmonk social.

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