Music for Poor

Sponsor an underprivileged kid with a musical Smile..!

The role of a musical note, a musical sound in life of any person can be a boon to social health besides psychological and physical too. If we think for a moment about the sort of feeling or value music educates us unconsciously then it tells our heart that there is a birth of life & positivism like a new born child. Music is helpful in eliminating sadness, negativity and imbibing an aesthetical, meditative value in anyone.

An Anonymous Story

“I remember my practice days, when I first bought my guitar & can’t do anything except practicing hours & hours a day. In my struggling days, it was hard for me to maintain my education even & toughest to buy a music instrument; but my friends and teacher supported me well with finance. Guitar came as a blessing to my life, as a resource of extreme treasure (towards creativity, education & learning); I can’t see that I could do something else to utilize my time anywhere if there would have been none music or guitar in my life. I forgot what my life is all about, why and what of it, where it turned all my negative aspects into a positivism, dreams, enthusiasm, release of negative emotions & and above all the desire of love.

The first practical thing I got from guitar is that whenever I play it, it takes me away from secondary thoughts to no mind in no time. I see bigger players, musicians who work on a simple musical piece because it’s so pleasurable, beautiful to get it played. Who works on petty dexterity exercises and teach me patience, perseverance to achieve success. Above all It teach me Aesthetic – the ability to appreciate beauty and be relaxed with myself.

Yes there is something that I learnt and do, just for the sake of me and for beauty and creativity.”

At Guitarmonk Social, we want to utilize our abilities in an attempt to support poor, orphan and underprivileged children, old age with music instruments, teaching aid.

Philosophy – It is not always possible for all of us to support regular food, accommodation or give job to poor for their survival forever but may be a musical sound that can bring a huge change in their attitude towards life.

Music for Poor – Generally music is a source of relaxation, glamour, luxury or status for others but for a poor it can be a medium to heal their pain. It can avoid depression, crime and feelings of helplessness for them.

Cost of Training – One complete training module along with instrument facility, curriculum cost us Rs. 3000/child. Moreover all teachers engaged in this activity do it for free.

You will be provided with details of the child/individual you have sponsored and his musical report after training.

For donation, you can email us at