kayotsargHealth is the most important priority of today deteriorating life-styles. Absence of priority to body and increasing stress, pollution leaving no time to think on the pain body goes through via various diseases.

Kayotsarg is an amalgamation of two words as Kaya (Body) + Utsarg (To Rise) i.e. to grow in health or raising your consciousness about your health.

Researches have been done on therapeutic effect of Ragas on diseases and disorders particularly insomnia, anger, asthma, chronic cold, cough, tuberculosis, sinus and chest related problems, mental instability, impurities of blood and relative diseases, Mental disorders and Impatience, mental concentration, Liver Ailments etc

Ragas which cure above disorders are said to be puriya, bhairavi, malhar, asavari, saurat & jaijaivanti, hindola etc.

Guitarmonk Social is initiating two major initiatives via Kayotsarg i.e.

  1. Kayotsarg Music Therapy CD (i.e. Music to deal stress) – Connecting raga music based on the time of the day for everyone and specific music for various ailments.
  2. Kayotsarg Music Festival Series – An initiative on movement of cancer.

Surviving cancer means having strong will power to respond to all the treatments and overcoming that deadly disease.

We are working on the cause of cancer announced the release of music festival ‘Kayotsarg’ on the National Cancer Survivor’s Day. Kayotsarg means uprising consciousness is a live musical concert series that will invite musicians across globe along with cancer experts to join at a platform for cancer awareness.

Cancer survivor’s day is celebrated just to inspire a vibrant, celebrating life after overcoming cancer and the Kayotsarg implies ‘Kaya’ i.e. body + ‘Utsarg’ i.e. to rise above. Kayotsarg is an initiative which implies rising above cancer and leave cancer behind i.e. for both survivors and fighters.

“It is said that physician is inside our body and when we feed the physician inside us with music, it gains strength and healing starts taking place from within. In cancer, this is very important as its expensive dents on mind and body can only be met with a strong will power and spirituality. I have seen two cancer victims in my own family and its impact on every one of us in family.” said Kapil Srivastava (Founder, Guitarmonk). 

Guitarmonk Social is working on the cause of cancer via bringing an emotional support, creating awareness for all on the cancer havoc and its prevention. We have pledged to reach 10,000 above cancer victims through music healing and therapy.