Global Handwash Day

global handwash day

Guitarmonk Social & SAF celebrated the Global HandWash day on 15th October 2015, held at North West MCD Primary School, Naharpur and Community Park, Naharpur, Delhi. Approximately 300 students & community women participated in the event to demonstrate the importance of proper handwashing.

Millions of children under the age of 5 years die from diarrheal diseases and pneumonia, the top two killers of young children. Handwashing is not only simple and inexpensive but cut the number of young children who get sick. It is said that Handwashing with soap could prevent about 1 out of every 3 kids of diarrheal illnesses and almost 1 out of 6 episodes of respiratory infection like pneumonia. This good habit will reduce the mortality rate among kids.

During the global handwash day event, a proper handwashing demo (with soap) was conducted as soap is the easiest available source. We also encouraged them to use less water because Parents of kids mentioned concern for losing their ground water level. The objective of using theGlobal Hand Wash Day is to create awareness among the under-privileged community children so that they can add this habit into their daily routine and be healthy said “Kapil Srivastava”

Handwashing habit with soap before eating and after using the toilet in young street children is projected to save more lives than any single vaccine or medical intervention, cutting deaths from diarrhoea by almost half and deaths from acute respiratory infections by one-quarter. Handwashing is usually integrated together with other sanitation interventions as part of water, sanitation and hygiene programmes.

The event creatively explained the drawbacks of not doing hand wash as leading to –
1. Causing severe illness.
2. Stomach pains, loose stools, and sometimes nausea and vomiting.
3. Mild food poisoning if we don’t wash hands before eating, which can be dangerous to elderly people.
4. As bacteria are transmitted from hands, women need to wash their hands before cooking and serving food.
5. Cost of medicine, doctor’s fee and cost of other different type of tests.

At its guitar institutes, Guitarmonk also motivated the students to write creative blogs/stories for Handwashing and spreading this Hygiene facts to 10 people around them via social media and their local communities.

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Thank you for Making Cloth Donation Movement a Generous one

Thank you for Making Cloth Donation Movement a Generous one

Cloth Donation Movement – Huge contributions for ‘Share to Care‘ cause from students, corporate, mentors, friends.

Donations included Blankets, Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Stationary etc. They are being distributed across Delhi-NCR city and for Kashmir causes by Guitarmonk Social.

If you have a real needy to help, let us know and will forward a helping hand.

You can also approach us in this regard by directly fill the contact us form.

Cartons distribution across Delhi-NCR for Cloth Donation by Guitarmonk Social

While most of us have closets that are full, crammed and cluttered and we can’t even choose which outfit to don for the day because there’s simply too many to choose from or it doesn’t suit our mood. There are actually people who have no choice but to wear the same clothes each and everyday because they simply don’t have any option.

And then there are people who have lost their homes, their source of livelihood, their personal belongings, and their loved ones.

This is indeed such a minor and simple step but it can somehow start anew with a daily change in clothing, especially for those who have lost almost everything. This can be something to look forward to and bring in hope for a better tomorrow. And it can even help them regain their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Cartons distribution across Delhi-NCR for Cloth Donation by Guitarmonk Social

Cloth Donation Guitarmonk Social Delhi

Donating is not just about giving money but it’s beyond that. There can be too many ways to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate.  How about de-cluttering your closet by simply giving away or donating a shirt or a pair of trousers for each new item you buy. Your disregarded garment can actually be a treasure to someone else.

How it would be to live in a society, street and neighbourhood where there are poor people who are not privileged enough to wear new colors?

It can’t be a beautiful view where there are some who have lost everything they had in natural calamity.

Come and join our movements at Guitarmonk Social and let’s hold hand and be proactive in making this world a caring, better and more beautiful place for each other.

Cloth Donation is a regular activity of Guitarmonk Social, takes place at diversified locations of Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and all zones of Delhi and NCR. It is a part of ‘Share to Care’ movement by Guitarmonk Social.

Donate Clothes Movement

Donate Cloth Movement

Light The Lamp Of Hope In Life Of Needy And Celebrate Diwali Anyday

As in Diwali everybody lights lamps. One can anytime celebrate the moment of Diwali in his/her heart by lighting the lamp in life of needy ones by donating his/her old, unused clothes for them.

Guitarmonk Social is doing ‘Donate Clothes Movement‘ & contributing unused, old clothes to support the under-privileged.

Distribution will happen on 21 Nov 2014. Donate your clothes so they may become value for those who can’t afford it.

“This doesn’t need your money, nor time, just a will..” – Guitarmonk Social

To participate in the Donate Cloth Movement, fill the form below:

Blanket of Relief

Dear Friends,
Guitarmonk supported the unique and privileged cause of ‘Blanket of Relief Campaign‘ – A charitable fundraiser initiative to support the underprivileged citizens of Delhi-NCR to fight the winter with the warmth of the compassion of their fellow citizens.
blanket of relief

The movement started in year 2010. The objective of movement was to prevent death of homeless in Delhi -NCR due to cold and chilled winter.
Year 2014 Guitarmonk Social is holding to its cause once again and collecting donations to contribute clothes in December 14 onwards.
We invite your participation to join hands with this initiative.
For more information or to contribute/join the cause, email at

Share to Care

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Share to Care

Did you ever provide something useful to someone who is poor and need it the most?

So the strategy for a good life is to do selfless good deeds, and in sufficient numbers to swamp out the inherited bad karmas. Prayers will only allow God to reschedule the good karmas in the timing of enjoying its fruit. Hence, Krishna says that you have freedom of action in life, but not to the timing of receiving the fruit of the same”, says Dr. Subramaniyam Swami.

Let’s dive into some good karma by giving back and sharing to others our blessings in life. Give and contribute in any form, in any amount, in any way. Even though there are government agencies or NGOs’ that are dedicated to address hunger, unemployment or  medical issues in the country, simply by having our own personal initiative to help directly the less fortunate members of our community will make a bigger and stronger impact to our countrymen who are suffering from hunger and poverty. If we can make a difference and help improve someone’s living conditions, we must consider the big gap between the rich and the poor. That even as a middle-income family, we can still give out a bit. We may be having our own difficult times, but there will always be someone going through something worse than us.

The homeless, the families living below the poverty line, even orphanages, and hospitals can also benefit from share to care movement. And yes everyone can take part in this charitable cause, without the risk of catching a cold or wasting water.

Guitarmonk students and volunteers, through its CSR, Guitarmonk Social were inspired to join by giving any amount of rice, sweets, breads, biscuits, curry or any kind of food to at least 5-10 people in need within their locality. Through this, our students felt that a heart willing to help will always find a way to give aid to others. That even a small amount can actually mean big to the unfortunate. This initiative as stimulated by Ms. Kalanidhi, and as followed by everyone else, Guitarmonk adopts it as well in response to the hunger crisis in the region. As Guitarmonk Social believes that, “ a heart that gives is a heart that cares.”

Many poor people are not poor by choice but are victims of circumstances and lack of opportunities. Creating an altruistic society may be difficult to make but not at all impossible. If only we realize  that each and everyone can contribute to the growth and equality in every community. After all, we are responsible for what will become of this country, and there’s no harm in giving and sharing what good karma gives you as a blessing. So, share to care.

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