100 Guitar Donations to Divyang Daughters at Surat, Gujarat

Guitar Donations to Divyang Daughters Surat

Guitar Donations to Divyang Daughters Surat

A small attempt to Gift our ‘Divyang Daughters’ with 100 Guitar Gifts and support them with Free Music Education @ Surat, Gujarat. Music is the one medium of Joy, entertainment and accomplishment in life.

We can perhaps contribute in lot many ways to deserving daughters who have no reason to stay unprivileged, just because they are born poor. You can also contribute to this cause http://gmtunetime.com/guitarmonk-shakti/

Tallest Pyramid Cake

An attempt to break the Guinness World Record of Tallest Pyramid Cake on 17 Sept 2016 will take place at Maniba Party Plot, VIP Road, Vesu, Surat (Gujarat).

Atulaya Shakti for our Daughters

The event is dedicated to the theme “Empowering Daughters – Empowering India” is an initiative to celebrate the courageous spirits of daughters of India. By acknowledging the success and achievements of women as well as identifying both the problems and issues. Looking at the social factors that may be a concern and finding ways to empower the women of India today.


Free Music Education Activity Sangam Vihar Delhi

Carrying on with our annual activities on free music education for poor, here are our updates on this month activity at Sangam Vihar, Delhi.

Free Music Education for Poor Guitarmonk
As we always mentioned that  vulnerability of the youth makes them an easy target and be lured to crime, abuses and violence. Read More on Crime Prevention through music>> Guitarmonk Social is committed to contribute as much as it can via free music education, music instruments support.

Free Music Education Rohini Guitarmonk

In Delhi, we are conducting free music education activities regularly at Sangam Vihar and Rohini. Last years we conducted these activities at South Delhi branch and orphanage. Our motto and philosophy behind such initiatives is creative channelization of young energy, providing them with resources, platforms, facility in form of teachers, instruments, space and draw their attention towards creative activities. Read more >>

Music Charity Guitarmonk Social

DONATE FOR THE CAUSE – You can also contribute to our cause by donating Rs. 3000/student as education program cost. You will also be provided Tax Exemption under section 80G to your donations.

Crime Prevention Through Music

crime prevention through music

Crime Prevention Through Music

The vulnerability of the youth makes them an easy target and be lured to commit crime and violence. Music is one plan of action that is something creative and  positive for  them to focus on instead of spending their time on the streets.


The Times of India reported that the number and nature of such crimes in recent years have crossed the imagination.

Vipul Shah, a psychiatrist at GSVM Medical College, said: “Lack of adequate opportunities frustrate them to an extent where they use any method to get success. People must understand that these are troubled youth and must be helped.” The reasons for increase in crime committed by adolescent or young adults are lack of care and love from parents, falling in bad company and erosion of values in the society and in educational institutions.

While criminal lawyer, SC Srivastava stated that, “Since they are young, the judicial system takes a slacker approach to them and that makes them feel invincible. I see a lot of youth getting into crime because they are bored or lonely. The gratification is immediate but disastrous. The law must take a tougher disciplinarian stance as these are not hardened criminals but may become so if not checked at the right time.”  

Boredom is the most common reason being cited in teenage violence and crimes. By focusing on helping at-risk youth to get off the streets and leading them away from crime and violence-filled life can help them secure a better chance for a normal, productive and healthy life.

Addressing Youth  Issues 

All efforts aimed at preventing the youth from antisocial activities and criminal involvement is called Delinquency Prevention. There are many factors that contribute to the development of delinquency in the youth such as being poor or low socioeconomic status, peer rejection, unstable family environments and poor parenting style. Some prevention services may include activities such as substance abuse education and treatment, parenting education, family counseling educational support, and youth mentoring or sheltering.

But prevention through education can help the youth to effectively interact in social situation. As it also promotes economic growth, national productivity, social cohesion and innovation. Education itself will open doors to these kids and encourage them to elevate themselves from poverty and empower them by tapping on their potentials and utilising their skills by keeping them inspired and motivated. 

Key Pursuit

  1. To help provide fun, interesting and challenging activities that can help educate children and youth
  2. Incorporate local and traditional arts and music heritage while cultivating new talents.
  3. Encourage healthy competition and sportsmanship through music. By chanelling their energies into positive and creative activities that can help them stay motivated into their crafts.
  4. Social transformation and rehabilitation through the use of therapeutic music and performing arts for the youth.

Prospective Confederation 

By connecting different elements within the community and recognizing each role they play in developing a structured program that can be implemented for the future and success of the youth. By tapping schools and other learning agencies, community centers, sports clubs, theaters and other sources to help facilitate the education of the children in different areas are fields of knowledge. And through the support of local business that can sponsor events, provide materials and other media that can help in the promotion of activities for the youth.

Potential Stumbling Blocks

  1. Communities may have problems finding instruments or venue to practice or perform, but with public awareness campaigns, the surrounding communities can help make donations.
  2. It is also a challenge to keep children and parents committed.
  3. Administration and underprivileged teachers and interns also need remuneration for them to be motivated as they attend to their duties


Subjects to be taught –

  1. Keyboard
  2. Singing
  3. Guitar
  4. Percussion

Age Group Bracket –

  1. Less than 13
  2. 13 to 19
  3. 19 above

Add on Subjects –

  1. Financial Management
  2. Counseling, Behaviour & Anger Management
  3. Personality Development & Leadership Training
  4. Spirituality & Health Management
  5. Language and Communication
  6. Computer Applications & Skills/Technology Management
  7. Academics Participation
  8. Rehearsal/Jamming and Performance Activities


  1. Day Time
  2. Summer/Winter Time
  3. After School/Evening Time


  1. Free Local Alternatives to at-risk street kids, youth – Giving them a healthy alternative to the streets with music (education, instrument, activities etc). (via grant from the corporate, govt. bodies, and private aid)
  2. Formation of Local Musicians Team – A motivated team via a special teacher training program. Team should be motivated enough and holds concern about the future of child, as a part of society and whole. Who are able to understand that whatever you give, fires back in the society and eventually touches us. They should be able to inspire and communicate to a passion and respect for life, through their music. Communicate the idea of life, joy, celebration, contribution, health, spirituality and various other attributes. Program is free but they should take commitment from students for personal & professional conduct
  3. Developing Professional Musicians and Teachers – By continued practice and engagement in music activities, more skills and expertise will be developed in time that can also be shared to the community through volunteerism.

Kapil Srivastava, Guitarmonk founder, says that “During the times when many countries are facing disturbed internal conflicts, the one resolution and strategy that we should look into  and invest is a balanced and happy citizen of the future. He is the one who can wisely opt not see war as resolution, but find a peaceful yet effective option instead.”

Let’s allow music to deliver its message of peace and love and be of service to us as a form of healing and reflection. Music can be a catalyst for positive change, and it can save lives too.