Doctor’s Day Celebration

Doctor’s Day Celebration

Doctor's Day Celebration

Doctors play an irreplaceable role in our lives.  From Homeopaths to Heart Specialists, from Dentists to Neurosurgeons, from Physicians to Pediatricians, they are serving  us tirelessly every day.  It is difficult to imagine life without doctors.  Their contribution to the individual lives and communities deserves recognition.

The Doctor’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries.  In India it is commemorated in the memory of eminent physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy who was born on 1st July 1882.  During the Indian struggle for freedom and thereafter, he was a great proponent of providing free medical services to the poor.  He served as the Chief Minister of huge Bengal province.  He was friend, follower and doctor of Mahatma Gandhi.  When the Mahatma underwent fast during Quit India Movement near Poona, Dr. B. C. Roy was appointed to look after his health condition.  [Perhaps Dr. B. C. Roy was as famous as Dr. Naresh Trehan of today who appeared on the National T. V. to tend to the health of modern day Gandhi – Anna Hazare!]

An interesting anecdote from the life of Dr. B. C. Roy goes like this:

Mother Teresa had taken help of Dr. B. C. Roy for clean water, electricity, garbage removal and other basic facility which a civilized society needs.  One day she politely commented in a light mood, ‘I hope you don’t think we Sisters are tackling too much, Dr. Roy?’

‘Not at all.  Make it bigger.  Bigger, Mother.  A good cause never suffers for want of money!’

He had a faith as great as that of Mother Teresa.

Dr. B. C. Roy’s invaluable words to the youth may be quoted here, ‘Youth must not take part in strikes and fasts but should study and commit themselves to social work’.

We celebrated Doctor’s Day in a very unique and never before way and greeted hundreds of Doctors with bouquet, greeting, therapy album and musical tunes. The event carried for more than 2 weeks and appreciated by government of Delhi professor Mrs. Kiran Walia. Event associations also included Dr. Lal path labs, Blackberry’s, Club Mahindra, Surat diamond jewellery etc.

This became a historical initiative in the medical history of India and worldwide. The Doctors covered were also included the opinion leaders, award winning, leading doctors of medical fraternity as Members & CEO of Batra Hospital, AIIMS, Apollo, MAX etc. and much more in different specialties. They were surprised, overwhelmed on this cause and felt very happy and elated.

Our objective behind this movement was to connect to the mass, and doctor’s day was a great opportunity to connect medical fraternity and general public. Doctors gave their messages and feeling about their profession. The highlights of event included –

  • A Music Salutation to hundreds of role models, opinion leaders, Doctors of Medical Fraternity across Delhi-NCR
  • A Music Therapeutic Album named as ‘Kayotsarg’ (produced by Guitarmonk Records) as free gift to Doctors
  • Flowers, Photo-moments & much more