Guitarmonk Social is a CSR division of Guitarmonk dedicated primarily to various significant social causes such as :

  • Music for Cancer – a movement to create awareness, raise funds, boost up support for ‘cancer cause’
  • Music for Poor – Free Music Education and its benefits in rehabilitation of society.
  • Preservation of Arts i.e. record, promote, publish and distribute the definitive arts works.
  • Rehabilitation of Old Age Musicians – Serving Employment, Self-employment, Training, Promotions opportunities for art, music sector
  • Creating social campaigns in generating awareness about various socio-health issues.

Other celebrations and activities like Earth Hour, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Independence Day etc. are also held depending on the availability of time and resources, whereas Women’s Day, Doctor’s Day and Valentine’s Day are celebrated annually and have become our model and USP.

It is also recognized as one of India’s largest music social movements having done a number of events on social issues, and honoured by the Health Ministry and various corporate associations.

Seeing the growing needs of the community, Guitarmonk social embraces philanthropy by giving back to our people and by getting involved in social campaigns for education, health and nutrition, environment preservation, and culture and arts. From the humble beginnings of its founder,  Kapil Srivastava, Guitarmonk Social reflects on his dreams and struggles to make it a successful brand, from having a small team of guitar teachers to a growing number of staff spread in different branches nationwide.

Guitarmonk Social is proud that our very own staff, teachers, students and volunteers have joined the cause to donate to its social movements, their time and whatever items we can give to our poor and disadvantaged countrymen. Despite our own financial constraints, we voluntarily dig into our pockets to give what little amount we can give as our share for the advocacy.

And these are the efforts of our very own musicians, and music institute, Guitarmonk. We are not just after profit, but we are using music in rebuilding the nation. Guitarmonk Social is a nonprofit, nongovernment movement composed of people with an initiative to help bring change for the betterment of the society and community we live in.

Know more about our social initiatives, visit www.guitarmonksocial.com or send us your queries at social@guitarmonk.com.

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