Usha Narang on Winning her Battle against Lung Cancer

Usha Narang on Winning her Battle against Lung Cancer

Usha Narang is a housewife in her mid-50’s who is a lung cancer survivor. She has been cancer-free for the last 4 years and still counting. Apart from medical interventions she went through, she discovered that some herbal supplements can also work wonders  as relief from chemotherapy side effects and also to boost her immune system, along with observing a  healthier and stress-free lifestyle.

According to Usha Narang, back in the last quarter of 2010 when a small lump was found in her lungs but she thought it was just benign and simple medications would suffice as it also seemed to decrease in size and eventually disappear for some time. But 2 months later, it came back and the doctor again run various tests and she was given confounding results.

Her mother, aunt and sister were all diagnosed with cancer and for that she didn’t want to take chances and so she decided to get checked at Manipal Hospital where she was admitted the nest day. The doctor told her that the lump must be removed along with some lymph nodes to prevent the spread of cancer cells. The removal of the lump and some lymph nodes also revealed that she was positive for stage 3 lung cancer and so another surgery was scheduled to remove all affected lymph nodes. After that, she had to take six chemo sessions and six weeks of radiations and numerous injections for a year, from November 2010 to November 2011.

A friend of Usha Narang’s brother shared to her some info about an herb that may possibly help recover her health, though she was advised that it was meant only as a supplement and not as a substitute for more sophisticated treatments required for such illness.

Usha Narang and her family then got in touched with  two retired professors Dr. Shyamasundar Joshi and Dr. Shanta Josh who have been actively cultivating the trees and conducting researches on the medicinal benefits of the Lakshmi Taru or Simarouba glauca, which is also known worldwide as the Paradise Tree.

She decided to give it a shot while she was also undergoing chemotherapy. She observed that when she was taking the simarouba herbal concoction, she didn’t feel so weak after chemo and her appetite also improved. She continued taking it also to maintain her hemoglobin level. She feels that the supplement somehow helped minimize the adverse affects of chemo and radiation therapy like hair loss or feeling of energy loss. She has been taking simarouba religiously for 4 years now and she’s glad that it has helped her immensely. Now, even after going for her chemo session in the morning, she can go back to her home or shop and continue with her daily routine. She also shared her experience and positive results with simarouba to her friends and other cancer patients. And hope that they too will reap the same healing benefits from the simarouba. She actually couldn’t think of any one who complained or had negative experience with it after she referred them to use it, so she’s somehow happy with the feedbacks from other people she knows and who has also tried it. She told them as advised, patients with serious illnesses must take it continuously, in her own experience, she sees no big deal in taking simarouba for lifetime, but for those who want to use it as preventive measure or as a health booster and if they have no serious condition, they may just have to take it for 15 consecutive days and have a gap of 3-6 months before they take it again.

Usha Narang also shared that those who are battling cancer or any form of disease must always keep a positive attitude. And in her case, she kept that 100% faith that the Lord and the treatments will help and cure her. As Usha said, “Just always be happy. It’s not the end of the world for those who have cancer. People die of heart attacks and etc. but there’s still hope for those suffering from cancer.”

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