Indian National Sports Day

Indian national sports day

 Indian National Sports Day

 (29th August)

Khelo Kudo Healthy Raho

Guitarmonk Social believes that sports plays an important and indispensable part in education, culture and health programs of the country. Sports help shape the culture and values of its people through the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. A valuable tool in the development of physical, social and emotional well-being of the young and adult members of the community.

Our hectic and demanding routines tend to consume too much of our time on a daily basis. Often, we think that we don’t have any more energy left to spare even for the simplest or most basic tasks at home. Modern lifestyle has reduced us to become work machines and be disconnected to nature. Not realizing that as we continue to disregard the health benefits of sports and physical activities by opting to keep ourselves engrossed in inactivity and unhealthy diets which put us more at risk of chronic lifestyle diseases like obesity, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, neuropsychological disorders etc.

The Role of Sport in Health Promotion

The excitement, joy, the fun and the games, just like in child’s play, seemed to have been lost during the course of continuous technological development that led to even more sedentary lifestyle in most of us.

Let us do our part in restoring the lost glory of India’s sports as we join the whole nation in celebrating the National Sports Day . This is an opportunity for us to show not only our prowess in athletic events but also in valuing the essential contribution of sports in physical and mental health wellness as well as the formation of character, right attitude, healthy competition, skills acquisition, peace and unity from the past generations, in today’s youth  and the future to come.

Physical activities can also ward off depression, anxiety or mood disorders by improving sleep, self-perception and the mood while reducing stress, through the release of the “feel good brain chemicals in the brain (endorphins).” It can also boost one’s self-esteem as one gets more fit and healthy while improving muscle tone and strength. Through sports and exercise, we can get more social interaction, take our minds off our worries, and develop a healthy coping mechanism as we go on our daily life struggles. 

Sports and Recreation

Sports is not just about agility nor physical strength. It also engages the brain to exercise, as mental conditioning and game strategies develop a person’s mental toughness. It is the state of the mind wherein despite keeping an eye on a goal or an opponent, our focus or concentration doesn’t get disrupted.

JoAnn Dahlkoetter, PhD, a sports psychologist, said, “Sports is 90% mental.” Being mentally tough is what separates winners from losers, and people who persist versus quitters.” And everybody can benefit from the mental toughness training at any level of competition.

In promoting a healthy lifestyle, Sports and physical activities remained to be a cost-effective way to keep us engaged and productive at the same time. Watching and playing sports are also a great source of entertainment and recreation for individuals and families, even for the whole neighbourhood and the entire nation.

Guitarmonk Social assumes its duty to utilize the day to  educate and encourage people to take active participation in sports. To create awareness and inculcate the importance of sports to our country, our community and to our people. In support to  this aim, Guitarmonk will also distribute some sports items to the underprivileged and passionate sports enthusiasts to help them fulfill their dream in the field of sports and to spread the joy of giving and sharing.

“Sports is an inexpensive and one of the cheapest  source of joy,” says Kapil Srivastava, founder of  Guitarmonk Social.

Guitarmonk Social commits to take this Indian National sports day participation pledge to 1 lakh users and play a role in building a healthier, happier, active and sports involved community from India to the rest of the world.

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