The Big C – Poem on Cancer

Hazel Planco Image

The Big C

I was just like you
So carefree and lively
I used to travel here and there
Living the life as if I don’t care

I was a lost soul
Vicious and boisterous
I fear nothing
I was so bold

My health was not my priority
I have taken it for granted generally
My unhealthy lifestyle has finally taken its toll
It shattered me to hear the news
‘You’ve got cancer. Please be more careful.’

I started questioning what’s science for
Even blamed the gods thinking I’ve been cursed
I am now between life and death
I am indeed caught between a rock and a hard place
Oh, what am I to do?

It then dawned on me
How precious life is
The clock is now ticking on me
Battling a disease that is beyond my conceptuality
It rocked my world and drove me nuts
I’m losing my sleep because of it

The Big C as they often call it
For the word itself sounds even scary
Cancer is slowly eating up my energy
I have lost the zest for living
Because of the intolerable pain and suffering I’m in

Please don’t pity me because I want you to simply support me
As I go through hell with the pain overbearing me
If you can be my angel on earth to comfort me
Hold my hand and pray with me
Hoping for a miracle to cure me
I need a therapy not just for my body

For I also need to boost my faith and spirituality
Life must go on, I must not succumb to cancer that easy

I am a born fighter
I will make it through
Big C means big Challenge
That I will have to go through

Things happen for a reason
Of which we always hope we knew
But sometimes it’s the mystery of it
That enlightens us and makes us see the truth

Cancer, Big C or whatsoever
Is but a test to my physical strength
On my emotions and my thinking level
The battle is on with the big C
I can defeat it eventually
And if not, at least I bravely put up with it

I shall enjoy life to the fullest
Appreciating every little thing that can bring me happiness
Never to let Cancer steal every precious moment
Living each day as if it’s the last
Making lots of memories to cherish
To remind you that I gave my best fight and never gave up



By Hazel Delgado Planco

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