Teen and Young Adult Cancer Conference (TYACON)


An Initiative on Teen and Young Adult Cancers

In our billion strong nation, the young account for 32% or over 378 million.

Cancer among the young, 15-35 years, Teen and Young Adult Cancers (TYA Cancers) occur at a unique biological, psychological and sociological threshold in their lives.

Stepping out in the open world, starting a career or settling down with a life partner are major events, which suddenly get punctuated by cancer. The mind and the body are shattered with this unanticipated change.  The body is bustling with energy, the mind and intellect is vigorous but the ‘big C ‘terrorizes. There are no co-morbidities but the person is ill prepared for coping.

TYA cancer outcomes leave much to be desired, for a variety of reasons: poor access to care, delayed diagnosis, unclear guidelines as to who should treat, poor compliance with protocols, insufficient participation in clinical trials and lack of insurance or coverage opportunities.

Yet, if treated on appropriate multidisciplinary protocols, the number of quality life-years saved far outnumbered those in treating adult cancer.

Following upon the success of TYACON 2012, which was a concept building exercise to sensitize nation’s oncology community to the problems of TYA cancer. This event was organized by Oncology Healthcare Services (Organizing Secretary – Dr. Prakash Chitalkar – Head Oncology AIIMS – Faridabad, New Delhi), a multi disciplinary group dedicated to excellence in management of cancers of the young.

Guitarmonk social’s Music Salutation for Cancer Survivors – On the event, (20 April, 2013) Guitarmonk team also gave a scintillating music salutation to survivors of cancer disease at Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Guitarmonk social’s team performed various genres of music for cancer winners as Indi Pop, Western and Instrumental, including a non-stop acoustic guitar by Kapil (founder – guitarmonk). The other artists included singer Nitin, Gaurav, Rahul.

On the occasion guitarmonk also sponsored music therapy CD gift to eminent doctors and cancer survivors. The CD includes ‘selected ragas’ helps in healing stress.

It is said that physician is inside our body and when we feed the physician inside us with music, it gains strength and healing starts taking place from within. In cancer, this is very important as its expensive dents on mind and body can only be met with a strong will power and spirituality said Kapil Srivastava (Founder, Guitarmonk).

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